Jason Kimelman-Block

Rabbi Jason Kimelman-Block

Rabbi Jason Kimelman-Block is the Washington Director of Bend the Arc: Jewish Action, where he works to bring the voices of progressive American Jews into the halls of power in Washington, D.C. He previously served as Bend the Arc’s Rabbi-in-Residence and directed the Selah Leadership Program. He is the co-editor and co-author of Just: Judaism. Action. Social Change and served as the Director of the PANIM Institute for Jewish Leadership and Values.

He received his rabbinic ordination from The Jewish Theological Seminary of America and his B.A. in Political Science from Grinnell College. Rabbi Kimelman-Block is also a founding member of a cohousing community in Maryland, where he lives with his wife and their four children.

Derek C. Pugh

As the Director of Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC, Derek identifies federally elected officials and candidates who are in the best position to champion Bend the Arc: Jewish Action’s legislative agenda and maximizes the PAC’s resources to support those candidates.

Derek comes to Bend the Arc: Jewish Action with an extensive background in political strategy and legislative advocacy. He has created and executed candidate campaigns, PAC strategy, and led movements from the bottom up as a community organizer. For the past four years, he has been working as an independent campaign consultant. Prior to that, Derek served as the Deputy Director for Campaign for America’s Future. His research has been published by several national think tanks and his written work has been featured on numerous media outlets.

Derek is a graduate of Beloit College and the School of Professional & Extended Studies at American University. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Derek has lived abroad in Singapore and Denmark. He has served as a LGBTQ Advisory Board Member for the DNC and a Board Member of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Kentucky.



Bend the Arc: Jewish Action’s Board, including PAC Committee members is as follows:

Alex Soros (Bend the Arc: Jewish Action Founding Chairman), Marc Baum (Bend the Arc: Jewish Action Board Chair and PAC Committee Chair), Julie Fernandes, Bernard Friedman, Eli Kasargod-Staub, Judith Tuller, Howard Welinsky, and Terry Winograd


Leadership Committee

Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC’s Leadership Committee ensures our endorsees have the resources they need to be voices for progress in Washington, D.C. Leadership Committee members are partners in developing the PAC’s strategy and commit to contributing a certain amount to our endorsees over the two-year election cycle, ranging from $1,800 to $50,000+. Leadership Committee Members are invited to dedicated programming at Bend the Arc’s national conference, monthly strategy sessions, and screening interviews with prospective endorsees. Should you wish to join the Leadership Committee, please get in touch with our Director of Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC, Derek Pugh, at

Leadership Committee Members:

  • Nancy Abramowitz (Potomac)
  • George Arzt (NYC)
  • Jerry Avorn (Boston)
  • Noreen Bagley (LA)
  • Lawrence Bailis (Boston)
  • Marc Baum (NYC)
  • Nancy Berman (LA)
  • Nancy Bernstein (Pittsburgh)
  • Mary Billard (NYC)
  • Gay Block (Santa Fe)
  • Robert Book (Dallas)
  • Amy Lynn Cohen (NYC)
  • Bruce Corwin (LA)
  • Stosh Cotler (NYC)
  • Mitch Draizin (NYC)
  • Liz Dunst (DC)
  • Paul Egerman (Boston)
  • Lee Einsidler (NYC)
  • Sam Eskenazi (DC)
  • Edith Everett (NYC)
  • Sybil Fields (LA)
  • Judy Fiskin (LA)
  • Erica Frederick (NYC)
  • Bernard Friedman (Chicago)
  • David Friedman (San Francisco)
  • Martin Friedman (NYC)
  • Stanley Gold (LA)
  • Norbert Goldfield (Northampton)
  • Frances E. Goldman (DC)
  • Eileen Goodis (LA)
  • Joshua Greer (LA)
  • Lisa Greer (LA)
  • Stephen Gunther (LA)
  • Janet R. Halbert (LA)
  • Ilyse Hogue (DC)
  • Mamie Kanfer Stewart (NYC)
  • Patricia Kenner (NYC)
  • Jason Kimelman-Block (DC)
  • Daniel Kochav (NYC)
  • Lauren Kogod (NYC)
  • Stacy Kramer (NYC)
  • Betsy Krieger (Baltimore)
  • Alice Kuhn (Austin)
  • Michael Kuhn (Austin)
  • Laura Kumin (DC)
  • Luis Lainer (LA)
  • Sheila Lambert (NYC)
  • Sara Litt (Seattle)
  • Daniel Loeb (Philadelphia)
  • Susan Lubeck (Oakland)
  • Brian Lurie (San Francisco)
  • Paulette Meyer (San Francisco)
  • Lisa Minsky-Primus (NYC)
  • Yaron Minsky-Primus (NYC)
  • Gale Mondry (San Francisco)
  • Karen Morin Green (LA)
  • Kevin Mulshine (DC)
  • Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali (LA)
  • Judy Obermayer (Boston)
  • Andrew Offit (Boston)
  • Rita-Anne O’Neill (LA)
  • Patsy Ostroy (LA)
  • Billie Parker (Santa Fe)
  • Richard Powell (LA)
  • Julie Ratner (NYC)
  • Elaine Reuben (DC)
  • Linda Rosdeitcher (NYC)
  • Sidney Rosdeitcher (NYC)
  • Nathan Rothstein (Boston)
  • Jon Rubin (LA)
  • Matthew Schneider (DC)
  • Diana Schramm (Baltimore)
  • Jolie Schwab (NYC)
  • Heidi Segal (LA)
  • Abby Sher (LA)
  • Craig Siegel (NYC)
  • David Smiley (NYC)
  • Kevin Smokler (San Francisco)
  • Alex Soros (NYC)
  • Ronna Stamm (Chicago)
  • Michael Steinman (San Francisco)
  • Lilian Stern (NYC)
  • Gary Stiffelman (LA)
  • Rachel Tiven (NYC)
  • Karen Tucker (Boston)
  • Judith Tuller (NYC)
  • Mark Tushnet (DC)
  • Cathy Unger (LA)
  • Anne Weisberg (NYC)
  • Ann Weisbrod (NYC)
  • Howard Welinsky (LA)
  • Sharon Wilkes (DC)
  • Marc Winkelman (Austin)
  • Terry Winograd (Palo Alto)