You helped 30 candidates win on Tuesday

This week we did something incredible: we won the House of Representatives and put a check on this president and the Republican party. You made this win possible, because you marched, donated, volunteered and voted to reject Trump’s vision of America.

Thank you — you are responsible for this win.

Your support for Bend the Arc: Jewish Action PAC and our endorsed candidates helped progressives emerge victorious in close races all across the country — and flipped the House.

For the first time in nearly two years we can take a moment to breathe and celebrate.

Your support helped elect 30 Representatives and Senators! The money we raised went to some of this cycle’s tightest races — three of our candidates are still in races that are too close to call.

Fourteen of our House challengers won seats that flipped control of the House (and two other seats may flip in Texas and California before we’re done). And we also flipped a critical Senate seat in Nevada with Jacky Rosen’s win.

Together, we made history. We elected a slate of candidates that truly reflect the diversity and strengths of our country:

  • 10 of our 14 endorsees who flipped the House are women, part of a wave of over 100 women who will serve in the next Congress — the highest number ever.
  • In New Jersey, Andy Kim will be the first Korean-American elected to Congress since 1999 and the first-ever Korean-American Democrat.
  • Angie Craig will serve as the first openly LGBTQ person elected to Congress from Minnesota.
  • In Florida, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell takes office as a first-generation immigrant.
  • In New York, Antonio Delgado overcame an opponent who ran a campaign of race-baiting, and will represent the Hudson Valley.
  • All across the country, candidates of color, women, LGBTQ candidates, and Jews won office at a time when Republican support for white nationalism seeks to erase us all.

Throughout this election cycle, individual contributors donated nearly $600,000 through Bend the Arc to help elect progressive, Democratic candidates.
 By supporting candidates through Bend the Arc you didn’t just help us win in this election, you helped build the political power of our community to achieve our agenda in the years ahead. Thank you.

We won in places no one thought possible, unseating longtime Republican Members of Congress, like Tom MacArthur, who was the architect of his party’s attempt to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, and Mike Coffman, who stood in the way of immigration reform for years.

And we also lost some tough races. Like Dan Feehan in Minnesota, who lost by the slimmest of margins after being attacked with an antisemitic and racist ad — just one of many despicable messages of hate that the Republican party dredged up to “energize” their base.

Together, with these new members of Congress, we will continue our work to stop the Trump and Republican agenda of white nationalism, xenophobia, and racism.

We look forward to working with the new members of Congress — and with you — to defend our democracy and support progressive policies that enable everyone in this country to live, love, and thrive.

Thanks so much for your continued support and hard work to change history.

We did it!

Derek Pugh, Director of Bend the Arc: Jewish Action PAC

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