Why We’re Launching the PAC

By Hadar Susskind || Email Message ||

If you’re reading this, you are already a member of Bend the Arc Jewish Action and I want to thank you for being one of the first to make your voice heard in the halls of power as an advocate for progressive values on domestic policy.

So why is this Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC unlike any others?

There are 34 Jewish political action committees (PACs) in this country. Every single one of them primarily advocates on Middle East policy. None focus exclusively on the progressive domestic issues that we care deeply about.

Until now.

You are currently visiting Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC — the first and only PAC in our community to support candidates based on their advocacy for progressive issues in America.

Poll after poll of Jewish voters affirm that we are not a single-issue constituency, and so does our history. From Gertrude Weil to Andrew Goodman, from Bella Abzug to Harvey Milk, American Jews have long been animated by values inspired by our tradition and been champions on issues like economic justice, civil rights and immigration reform.

Together, we can ensure that our elected allies have the resources they need to continue fighting for racial and economic justice, immigration reform, gender equity and LGBTQ equality. And we’ll help challengers who share our agenda defeat officeholders standing in the way of progress.

We’re going to make history, but we can’t do it without you

Fired up,

Hadar Susskind

Director, Bend the Arc Jewish Action

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