The Race for 2018 Starts Today

The race for 2018 starts now.

Across the country, American Jews are taking action against the oppressive and autocratic Trump administration. At both the national and local level we’re taking to the streets and organizing against him every day in our communities. Now we have a chance to take direct action against him in the voting booth.

Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC is proud to announce its first endorsement of this election cycle: Jon Ossoff who is running in a special election for Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District in six weeks. A win for Jon will send shockwaves throughout the establishment as he has a real chance to flip a Republican district that went to President Trump by only two percentage points.

But in order for Jon to pull off an upset, he needs our help. American Jews need to demonstrate right now that the movement growing in the streets will translate to the ballot box. That’s why we need you to make a donation of $18 today to take the first step towards taking back the house.

This is a race we can win. More importantly, this is the kind of candidate that Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC is proud to support. Jon represents the values that our community holds most dear and is a champion for voting rights, racial justice and LGBTQ equality.

However, the rightwing establishment isn’t going to yield without a fight. They have already begun running attack ads against Jon – specifically targeting both his youth as well as his progressive values. This is the moment where our support can shift the narrative of the primary and all it takes is a donation of $18.

In Jon’s own words, he entered the race because “Donald Trump is an embarrassment and a threat to the prosperity, health and welfare of the Sixth District. I’m running to stop him and to fight for our community in Congress.”

Truer words have never been spoken. Let’s help Jon make good on his promise by sending him to Washington this spring. Please consider making a donation of $18 dollars today and help him take the progressive fight to the Trump Administration.

The race for 2018 starts now and it starts in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District. Let’s show President Trump the power of the Jewish progressive movement.

Elliot Friedman
Director, Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC



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