They’re Fighting For Baltimore

By Hadar Susskind || Email ||

The tragic events in Baltimore over the past few weeks have moved many of us to act, but unfortunately have yet to move Congress to action. We can do something about that.

On the heels of the Baltimore protests, President Obama lamented that he did not expect this Congress to meaningfully address the challenges faced by communities of color in cities across America. Unfortunately, he is being proven right.

In fact, the very next day congressional Republicans passed a budget that gutted the safety net and cut critical funding for infrastructure in urban areas.

The urgent need to find solutions to end the cycles of poverty and lack of opportunity could not be clearer. The good news is we do have allies in Congress who are fighting tirelessly to amplify the voices of those calling for justice and equality — not just now, not just while the cameras are rolling, but for the long-term.

Join us by pitching in right now to support our allies in Congress who are on the frontlines of this fight.

Meet three of these champions who we can support right now:

  • Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ-12) successfully shepherded a comprehensive criminal justice reform bill through New Jersey’s State Assembly as the first African American woman to serve as Majority Leader of that body. Now, she’s fighting to advance this issue at the federal level, working to restore hope to thousands of families whose loved ones are stuck behind bars for petty charges.
  • Rep. Barbara Lee (CA-13) has been a forceful advocate for pending legislation to raise the federal minimum wage to $12. And she’s spent her career pushing Congress to tackle the persistent poverty in American cities, most recently admonishing her colleagues from the House floor for their lack of action on this issue despite Baltimore’s cries for change.
  • Rep. Mark Takano (CA-41) has led the charge to ensure that every American can afford a higher education, and that the doors of our nation’s universities aren’t closed to anyone — no matter which neighborhood they grew up in.

Support Bonnie, Barbara and Mark today and send a message that our community will have the backs of lawmakers who are willing to fight for justice in Baltimore and across our nation.

When we launched Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC, we set out to demonstrate that the Jewish community stands with policymakers advocating for the kind of progress that Baltimore, Ferguson, North Charleston and so many other struggling communities in this country desperately need. And we set out to show that these issues are of the greatest importance to us, and to our country.

Together, we can show Washington that our community supports leaders who are out there fighting to hold this nation to its promise of equality and justice. For everyone in West Baltimore. And for every American.


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