This Grandpa’s Tweet Went Viral

By Ben Shnider || Email ||

When Representative Mike Honda tweeted that he was the “proud grandpa of a transgender grandchild,” he made plain what so many of us already knew: Mike Honda is not your typical congressman.

Mike Honda is exactly who we need in Congress to defend against increasing attacks on LGBTQ rights, and now he needs our support to hold his seat against a challenger with deep pockets. With so much on the line, can we count on you to rush Representative Honda a $50 contribution today?

Rep. Honda Tweet
For years, Representative Honda has been a champion for the values that our community holds dear: equal rights, a living wage and an open and welcoming America. And now, by publicly embracing his transgender granddaughter, Representative Honda has demonstrated — in fewer than 140 characters, no less — that he lives and breathes the values he advocates on the House floor.

But Representative Honda can’t keep fighting for our values without our help.Last cycle he faced a strong, well-funded opponent and that opponent is gearing up for a rematch. This could be one of the closest and costliest House races of 2016 and Representative Honda needs our support early, which means right now.

Help Representative Honda assemble a campaign capable of withstanding another tough challenge. Contribute to Representative Honda’s campaign to show this “proud grandpa” that our community has his back.

We founded Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC to fight for the issues our community has cared deeply about for generations — and to change the prevailing view in Washington that we don’t care much about domestic issues. In the last few months alone, thousands of us from all across the country have come together to begin correcting the record. By backing candidates like Representative Honda, we send a resounding message that earning the support of Jewish voters requires speaking out boldly in favor of equality.

Contribute $50 to Representative Honda’s campaign today to help him stand down a tough opponent so that he can continue standing up for the rights of all Americans.


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