Will you stand with candidates fighting for voting rights?

By Hadar Susskind || Email ||

On the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act this month, you joined together with 29,000 activists to urge Fox News to ask the Republican candidates what they’d do to restore this landmark law.

Unfortunately, the Fox debate moderators ignored our call to action and let the candidates off the hook for their dismal track records of restricting voting rights. But, thankfully, there are some champions who continue to fight to protect this central element of our democracy. And by supporting them, we can help this effort gain momentum.

Two endorsees of Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC, Reps. Ruben Gallego (AZ-7) and Alma Adams (NC-12), hail from states on the frontlines of the rightwing effort to restrict Americans’right to vote. They’ve stood strong against restrictive voter ID laws in their states and both recently spoke on the floor of the House in favor of restoring the Voting Rights Act.1, 2 Please join us today to show that our community stands with Ruben, Alma and with the VotingRights Act, by making a contribution of $50 in honor of the 50th anniversary of this landmark civil rights legislation.

As the New York Times Magazine recently reported,3 the Voting Rights Act is under concerted attack by rightwing activists who fear they’ll lose political power if all Americans exercise their right to vote. They see the Supreme Court’s recent decision striking down key elements of the law as an opening to fully roll back its protections.

Fifty years ago American Jews marched for passage of the Voting Rights Act, which has proven to be the most successful piece of civil rights legislation in our country’s history. With the progress so many fought so hard to promote now at risk, we must come together again to make our voices heard. We founded Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC for critical fights exactly like this one, so will you join us in proving that the Jewish community has the backs of elected officials speaking out for voting rights?

Stand with Ruben, Alma and the Voting Rights Act, by making a contribution of $50 in honor of the 50th anniversary of this landmark civil rights legislation.

Thank you for being part of Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC,

Hadar Susskind
Director, Bend the Arc Jewish Action


1. Video: Congresswoman Adams calls for restoration of the Voting Rights Act
2. Video: Rep. Gallego’s One Minute Speech on the Voting Rights Act
3. New York Times MagazineA Dream Undone

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