The Race for 2018 Starts Today

The race for 2018 starts now. Across the country, American Jews are taking action against the oppressive and autocratic Trump administration. At both the national and local level we’re taking to the streets and organizing against him every day in our communities. Now we have a chance to take direct action against him in the voting booth. Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC is proud to announce its first endorsement of this election cycle: Jon Ossoff who is running in a special election for Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District in six weeks. A win for Jon will send shockwaves throughout the establishment as he has a real chance to flip a Republican district that went to President Trump by only two... Read more »

Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC Endorses Jon Ossoff for Congress

WASHINGTON, DC — Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC today announced its endorsement of Jon Ossoff, a Democratic candidate for U.S. House in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District. Bend the Arc Jewish Action CEO Stosh Cotler issued the following statement: “Jon Ossoff embodies the energy, passion and dedication of thoughtful progressives across the country. We admire his commitment to promoting a bold, forward-looking agenda that will advance health care, civil rights and criminal justice reform.  He has also been a leader in rallying the grassroots movement in Georgia’s Sixth District that rejects Trump’s bigotry and hatred, giving a voice to Georgians who feel marginalized and attacked by the president’s discriminatory agenda. Ossoff’s priorities represent a clear and strong alternative to the disastrous... Read more »

Where We Stand

I want to take a moment following this difficult election to share some of the impact we made together and, most importantly, to say thank you. Thank you to each of you who supported and invested in Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC and our endorsed candidates. Together, you helped make history in our first election cycle by building the first Jewish PAC focused exclusively on the progressive domestic issues most important to our community. This was a tough election but there’s no doubt that our voices made a difference in key fights and put our community on the map for future victories. Here are several bright spots from our work in the election: In Nevada, Catherine Cortez Masto became... Read more »

Big news: our first step in the Senate

Alex Soros || Email || Taking back the U.S. Senate is the left’s most important political mandate in 2016. As such, we at Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC are expanding our strategy to include critical Senate races. Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC is proud to endorse Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth in Illinois and Former Senator Russ Feingold in Wisconsin. Congresswoman Duckworth, an American war hero, and Former Senator Feingold, a childhood hero of mine, are two of our most outspoken and hard-working progressive champions. Their victories are critical to flipping party control in November, and our support in these contests could have an outsized impact.1 Electing Tammy and Russ to the Senate are two of my biggest priorities in... Read more »

Will you stand with candidates fighting for voting rights?

By Hadar Susskind || Email || On the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act this month, you joined together with 29,000 activists to urge Fox News to ask the Republican candidates what they’d do to restore this landmark law. Unfortunately, the Fox debate moderators ignored our call to action and let the candidates off the hook for their dismal track records of restricting voting rights. But, thankfully, there are some champions who continue to fight to protect this central element of our democracy. And by supporting them, we can help this effort gain momentum. Two endorsees of Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC, Reps. Ruben Gallego (AZ-7) and Alma Adams (NC-12), hail from states on the frontlines of the rightwing effort to restrict Americans’right to vote. They’ve... Read more »

Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC at Netroots 2015

We were very excited to take Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC on the road last week, as we introduced the PAC to progressive leaders and activists at Netroots Nation’s 2015 conference in Phoenix. At the conference, we hosted a Shabbat reception with endorsees Rep. Keith Ellison (MN-5) and Rep. Ruben Gallego (AZ-7), “Kiddush with Keith and Rugelach with Ruben.” We were particularly honored that Rep. Ellison, one of two Muslims in Congress, joined us on Eid and that Rep. Gallego, who represents Phoenix in Washington, was able to welcome us to his district. Dozens of progressives from across the country joined us to hear about the PAC’s plans for 2016 and beyond. These allies were clearly inspired by our... Read more »

Don’t go unheard in 2016

By Hadar Susskind || Email || This election cycle is shaping up to be one of the most chaotic in recent history. Twenty candidates are now running for president and, amazingly, their statements grow more outrageous with each passing day (see: Donald Trump!). On top of that, control of the Senate hangs in the balance, hinging on a handful of hotly contested races. And across the country, House races continue to be dragged to the right by Tea Party candidates who remain defiant in the face of recent progressive victories. As the election cycle heats up, things will only get crazier – making it critical right now that the Jewish community stands strong for the progressive domestic principles that we cherish. Moments... Read more »

Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC Makes the Front Page

Since its launch, Bend the Arc Jewish Action Pac has been making headlines for being the first and only Jewish PAC dedicated solely to progressive domestic policy. Read more: Jewish Journal, "Son of George Soros launches Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC...and it's not about Israel." Politico Magazine, “What American Jews Want.” Politico Playbook, “George Soros’ son builds a PAC for Jewish voters.”  Politico Morning Score, “The Soros Son Also Rises.”   The Hill, “Son of billionaire George Soros starts progressive Jewish PAC.”  The Jewish Daily Forward, “Bend the Arc Founds Jewish Social Justice PAC.”  Jewish Business News, “Alex Soros Launches Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC to Promote Jewish Values.” Jewish Political News & Updates, “Soros Junior Helps Create Jewish... Read more »

This Grandpa’s Tweet Went Viral

By Ben Shnider || Email || When Representative Mike Honda tweeted that he was the “proud grandpa of a transgender grandchild,” he made plain what so many of us already knew: Mike Honda is not your typical congressman. Mike Honda is exactly who we need in Congress to defend against increasing attacks on LGBTQ rights, and now he needs our support to hold his seat against a challenger with deep pockets. With so much on the line, can we count on you to rush Representative Honda a $50 contribution today? For years, Representative Honda has been a champion for the values that our community holds dear: equal rights, a living wage and an open and welcoming America. And now, by publicly embracing... Read more »

They’re Fighting For Baltimore

By Hadar Susskind || Email || The tragic events in Baltimore over the past few weeks have moved many of us to act, but unfortunately have yet to move Congress to action. We can do something about that. On the heels of the Baltimore protests, President Obama lamented that he did not expect this Congress to meaningfully address the challenges faced by communities of color in cities across America. Unfortunately, he is being proven right. In fact, the very next day congressional Republicans passed a budget that gutted the safety net and cut critical funding for infrastructure in urban areas. The urgent need to find solutions to end the cycles of poverty and lack of opportunity could not be clearer.... Read more »
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